A starting place from attempting to solve any problem is having an understanding of why it happens. There is plenty of research evidence to show that informed clients improve more quickly that those less informed. During the initial consultation Solution Focused Hypnotherapists explain how the brain works. This simple and accurate description of how and why we suffer from mental health issues, forms the foundation and understanding that facilitates effective therapeutic change.

The mind is enormously complex, as we all know. A human brain has 100 billion neurons and 20.000 thousand possible synaptic connections bathed in a multiple chemical transmitters. It’s difficult to imagine the sheer volume of the interactions that go on. It may be hard to determine that small factor that could contribute to a mental health problem…….… like a tiny pebble kicked off a path resulting in an avalanche.

However the wonderful and powerful aspect to this  ‘tipping effect’ is that we, as Clinical Hypnotherapists, can help tip the system the other way. A small seemingly inconsequential action can lead to a successful treatment of a disorder. It can all start with a small change in behaviour, a lonely person deciding to go for a bike ride, then he starts going regularly, his appetite increases, his sleeping improves, he feels stronger.

We see this progressive change in our clients as people return to work feeling better, begin to interact socially again and some even jump on planes for the first time. More importantly people start to cope with all that they have to handle.

Hypnotherapy makes a difference, try it! 

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